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Water Damage Restoration Rockwall, TX

Water damage to your home can be devastating. It could come from flooding after a storm or busted pipes, among other things. It is highly recommended that a professional team handle any serious damage caused by water. Skilled crews in the water damage restoration industry can get the job done within hours. Trying to clean up yourself can take days and irreversible damage can occur if not contained quickly. Intown Plumbing provides water restoration services throughout the Dallas, Fort Worth area.

Steps involved in the Water Restoration Process

Let’s go over what to expect as you go through any kind of water damage or storm damage cleanup and the restoration process.

  • Water Removal: It is crucial that water is removed as soon as possible. A quick response will help prevent further damage created by the flooding such as mold or mildew growth. Special vacuums or pumps can be used for this process.
  • Drying process: Equipment such as dehumidifiers and fans can be used to dry out the area. This may prevent mold growth.
  • Clean and disinfect: This step will involve removing all damaged materials such as flooring, dry wall, insulation, cabinets and any destroyed appliances. Next, the use of cleaning products like bleach and disinfectant is another way to prevent mold, mildew and and other bacteria.
  • Repair: The final part of the process is to begin repairs.

Does homeowners insurance cover water damage?

An insurance company will help cover water damage due to busted pipes, water heater ruptures or other water damage accidents that were sudden. However, for natural disasters such as flooding, a separate policy specifically for flood insurance will be needed. Ask our staff about assistance with insurance estimates.

What Happens If Mold Contaminates Your Home Post Flood

If you suspect mold growing in your home, it is of vital importance to call a professional to confirm it and have it removed. Finding out that your home has mold is not something you want to hear. Mold can be very harmful to the health of you and your family. The most vulnerable to mold toxicity is young children, elderly, and people with compromised immune systems or anyone with respiratory conditions.

If you have had recent water damage, and don’t yet have any sign of mold, be proactive and have our team apply an antimicrobial agent. This will prevent mold growth from occurring and kill any existing mold spores.

Also, identify any source that is vulnerable to mold growth. What areas of your home or business were exposed to water or moisture? Bathrooms, basements, window sills and other areas of your home that are exposed to moisture or condensation can produce mold.

Mold can spread quickly and must be contained, cleaned up and completely removed. Our team will work in a timely manner and go through the process of removing the toxins and restore your home or business to a safe living environment.

Restoration Services In Rockwall

Intown Plumbing serves residential and commercial clients in the field of water damage restoration. Our certified professionals are standing by to assist you with water damages and restoring your home. We are locally owned and work towards customer satisfaction in every job we do. Our family business has over 20 years experience in the Dallas Fort Worth area. Our satisfied customers are a testament to our reputation. Contact us for your water damage restoration needs at 469-207-1400.

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