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Gas Service Near You

Natural gas utilities are vital to numerous activities of everyday life including heating water, cooking and drying clothes. Select a professional service to repair and prevent gas leaks and unwanted consequences of gas usage. 

A gas measurement device used by professionals to accurately detect and monitor gas levels, ensuring the safety and efficiency of gas services in your home

Gas Leak Detection & Repair

Many homeowners experience worries over possible gas leaks in their homes. Gas leak detection services are crucial for identifying, addressing, and repairing any leaks before they cause significant damage to your home and your health. Gas leak detection and repair services like Intown Plumbing are crucial for eliminating your worries about possible gas leaks. A professional, certified repair service can detect and repair gas leaks in your home with high-quality care.

Gas Line Installation

Many homes rely on natural gas for an efficient power source to run their furnace, gas stove, outdoor grills, gas fireplace, and even clothes dryer. If you have an existing line for gas connection for your home, you already know that having a gas line installed is one of the most energy efficient ways to power your appliances. If you do not currently use gas as a fuel source for your home, you may want to consider investing in a new gas line.

Gas Line Repair

Accidental carbon monoxide poisoning annually sends around 50,000 people to the ER. It kills at least 430 people each year. CO poisoning is just one issue caused by natural gas leaks. You may need a gas line repair if you notice a gas leak smell in the house or your CO detector alerts you to a problem. Carbon monoxide is often called the silent killer because the people affected by it have little to no warning of a problem. A working CO detector can alert building occupants to high levels of gas. Still, if a detector isn’t functioning correctly, it’s often too late by the time anyone realizes the gas is present.