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You don’t realize how much you rely on plumbing until you start having issues. Some of those issues are simple enough to DIY without much difficulty. Others come with some potential dangers and are better left to the professionals. Being aware of the common plumbing problems and solutions helps you know when to grab your tool belt and when to call the plumber for repairs.

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What Plumbing Repairs Does a Plumber in Rockwall, TX Do?

Plumbers do much more than unclog drains and install new faucets or a sink. Plumbers install and maintain numerous types of piping systems that provide water supply found in residential and commercial properties, power plants, water treatment facilities, waste disposal plants, and factories.

A plumber installs plumbing fixtures, such as bathtubs, toilets, or a sink in your bathroom, and appliances within your house, such as your dishwasher, garbage disposal, and water heaters.

They clean sink drains, remove obstructions, and repair or replace broken pipes and fixtures. Plumbers also help maintain septic systems, which are large, underground holding tanks that collect waste from houses that are not connected to a sewer system.

What are the Most Common Plumbing Projects or Issues?

All plumbing repair services require a different solution. An experience plumber understands all the moving parts and can provide expert advice as to the solution for your plumbing repairs. Let’s explore the common plumbing issues now.

Clogged Drain Line and Toilets

You can spot clogged drains when you see water backing up as you empty a sink or take a shower. For a toilet clog, the signs are often more immediate and alarming.

Many times, homeowners will have slow-draining sinks in their kitchens and bathrooms because the pipes attached to those sinks are clogged up.

What Causes the Clog?

What are the major causes for clogs? Hair is usually the main culprit, but other items, such as a shampoo lid or small toy, may enter the drain and block the pipe.

In toilets, the problem often comes when something other than dissolvable waste enters the toilet and gets flushed. Those solid items cannot move through the pipe, so they stay put, making it difficult or impossible for water to flow past the blockage and down the pipes.
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Faucet and Pipes Leak

If you own a home long enough, you’re eventually going to find at least one of your faucets will start leaking. It’s important to fix leaky faucets as fast as you can because they can waste a lot of your water supply and can cost you money.

Dripping faucets and a pipe leak are more of a nuisance and a waste of money than a plumbing project emergency, but those drips add up quickly. Pipe leaks can cause major water damage if you don’t catch the problem immediately.

What Causes Pipe leaks?

A dripping faucet usually occurs when a washer that forms the seal on the tap is damaged. Damage may include tearing, dislodging, or stiffening. When this damage occurs, the washer no longer seals tightly, allowing small amounts of water to drip from the faucet.
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Water Heater Repair Services

Water heater issues are usually easy to spot or felt. You go to take a nice warm morning shower but instead get immersed with freezing cold water.

Dripping water, puddles of water, discolored water and noises coming from the water heater unit are other signs of a problem.

These are signs that you need water heater repair services.

What Causes Water Heater Problems?

Leaks are sometimes the cause of water heater problems, including not having enough hot water. Mineral deposits also cause problems in water heaters. These deposits can reduce the efficiency of the water heater, reducing the supply of hot water throughout your home. Sediment can also cause strange sounds from your water heater.
Water Heater Repair

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Water Pump Repair Services

Water pumps take over the transportation of water when the pressure of typical plumbing does not support the job. Pumps deliver water from wells to homes, enable lawn irrigation, and enable effective filtration in pools.

Unless there is a blown circuit or switch, a water pump rarely stops working, but starts to slowly decline in its performance. Such as:

  • Decrease of water pressure
  • Air spitting from the faucet
  • Pumping sand or sediment
  • Water quality change
  • Water pump cycles on and off continuously
  • Loud or unusual sounds
  • Paying higher electrical bills that will cost you money

Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure can come on suddenly or slowly get worse over time, depending on the cause. Whatever the reason, low water pressure makes it difficult to rinse things and shower, so resolving the issue is a priority to get back to normal water use.

Running Toilet

Did you know that a running toilet can waste up to 200 gallons per day? That’s a lot of water waste and an increase in water costs! In most cases, running toilet issues are: Refill tube problems, Worn out flapper seals or flush valves, Improperly sized flapper chains, Corroded toilet handles

Broken Water Line

There is a water line that runs underground from the street out in front of your house into your home. Its sole responsibility is to supply your home with all the water it needs.

Water lines are out of sight and, therefore, out of mind. It’s not uncommon for these water lines to break as they wear down over time. And water lines are highly pressurized, which means even the tiniest leak in one can cause a lot of wasted water.

If the water pressure in your home ever drops suddenly or if you ever see water pooling in your front yard out of nowhere, contact a plumber to see if you have a water line break.

Avoiding Plumbing Issues

While it may not be possible to prevent every clog from occurring, you can take steps to prevent most of them.

Most homeowners can avoid a plumbing nightmare if they ditch the bad habits that cause plumbing problems. Here are few things to avoid that may help your household.

It’s not uncommon for a pipe or sewer line to backup, don’t just wait for the next blockage to occur. Act now! It’s cheaper to fix the underlying cause of recurring blockages than to deal with the costs of frequent backups.

Recurring issues may be caused by tree roots entering sewer lines or structural issues in the pipes. Have a professional come out and inspect what is happening.

Even if you have a garbage disposal, large pieces of food can damage it and your pipes, and they may collect and clog.

Certain foods, like coffee grounds, tea leaves and fibrous foods don’t break down well in the disposal. As a result, they can cause further damage.

Over time, hair can wreak its fair share of havoc on your pipes. Your hair may seem fine enough, but those fibers easily cling to other hairs, grease, soap, and various substances. Put this altogether and these materials can cause a significant drain blockage.

Like your garbage disposal, your toilet may be another tempting place to toss waste when you don’t feel like making the trek to the trash can. Even the smallest objects can damage and clog your pipes. Never throw cotton swabs, feminine hygiene products, and other small toiletries into the toilet.

Hot water helps break up oils in food products and clears out potential clogs, so run hot water down your drain on a frequent basis and add vinegar as well on occasion.

Some low-volume fixtures and pipes rarely receive a large volume of water, which is needed to really clear out debris. Fix this by occasionally flushing a large flow of water (5 gallons) down sinks or bathtubs.

Calling a Professional Plumber for Repairs

If you can stop plumbing problems before they start, you’ll save in water bills, cost of repair, and frustration but some plumbing repairs and jobs are better left to the professionals.

Instead of trying to tackle repairs on your own, let a plumber provide you with the professional plumbing services you need to take care of the problem. It is their business and specialty.

Whether you have a clogged drain, a leaky faucet, or burst pipes, we can come to your home and make things right. We can service all your plumbing needs. Contact us today!

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