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Energy Efficiency

Why Energy Efficiency Matters

Energy efficiency is a significant trend leading to reduced emissions and faster economic growth. It can improve living conditions and quality of life. So if energy efficiency hasn’t been your object of interest, you may need to refresh your stance. The topic is vital and will likely become even more critical in years to come. Intown Plumbing offers energy-efficient devices to reduce your energy consumption and lower impact on the planet.

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Energy Efficient Water Heaters

When homeowners need reliable hot water, there are two general equipment types to choose from: storage tank water heaters or tankless water heaters. Each unit functions in its own way to heat water and deliver the hot water your family needs for various activities throughout your home. There is no one right choice. The best water heater selection for your home depends on several variables specific to your household and hot water supply needs. Let’s look at the basics of each model to introduce you to your hot water heater options of tankless and traditional water heaters so you can make an informed decision.

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