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With over 20 years as Rockwall’s family-owned plumbing specialists, Intown Plumbing company stands as a pillar of the community. Our commitment goes beyond expert plumbing services; we’re dedicated to enriching the local Rockwall and Dallas areas we call home.

Our team at Intown Plumbing realizes that plumbing challenges can interrupt your life. We respond with licensed, Rockwall plumbing services designed to minimize disruption, featuring skilled plumbing technicians ready to tackle any issue. As your neighbors, we value trust and offer personalized attention to ensure your home or business receives the best care and maintenance. Rely on us to keep your plumbing system impeccable.

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Choose Intown Plumbing: Rockwall's Family-Owned Experts

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Deeply rooted in Rockwall, our plumbing services are informed by extensive knowledge of the unique local landscape. We deliver efficient, tailor-made solutions that locals trust.

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As a trusted family-run business in Rockwall, our dedication to honesty and integrity is unwavering. Partner with us for service that feels like family.

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Two decades of plumbing expertise in Rockwall at your service. From simple fixes to extensive installations and plumbing repair, your home is in expert hands.

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Committed to excellence, we equip our Rockwall plumbers with the latest tools for lasting, efficient plumbing care.


Supporting Rockwall is in our DNA. Choosing us means investing in a business that gives back to the community it serves.

Your quest for a dependable Rockwall plumber ends here. Discover the unmatched quality and community care with Intown Plumbing.

Very thankful I found someone to take care of our new house and was even able to check am issue that just popped up today. Robert was great
Jeff W.
Great service and communication. Had to reconnect plumbing for one of the bathrooms in the house where we replaced the counter. Easy to schedule the appointment, great follow up to confirm the appointment and Robert the technician showed up early after confirming it was okay to come early - which I so appreciated, instead of just assuming it was okay. Robert was very through and helped educate me in things I needed to do after to ensure the sink was draining properly and long term functionality. Overall great company and highly recommend. Reasonable pricing too.
Zaeena C.
Intown Plumbing gained a customer for life today from me. We had three pipes burst due to the cold weather. (Yes, we were taking all of the precautions and they still busted!) Once I found the busted pipes, I ran outside to cut the water off at the main. It just so happens an Intown Plumbing guy was working at our neighbor's house next door. He saw me frantically trying to cut the water off and asked if everything was ok. He helped me get the water off and said if we needed them to give the office a call and they could send somebody out. I called the office and everyone was extremely helpful and kind. They sent over someone within 30 minutes or maybe even less. It was truly fate that they were working at our neighbor's house today and I saw their truck and needed them and gave them a call and they were there to help. I believe it was Frank helping me. He efficiently and quickly fixed the leaks, explained what was going on, what the issues were, what needed to be done and what they were going to do. I'm calling Intown Plumbing for all future needs!!!! Thank you all so much!!
Thomas K
Guys were professional and replaced the garbage disposal quickly
Nat C.
Very responsive, quick, courteous and professional.
Thomas S.
Our condominium builders used Intown plumbing to lay the gas lines at our home. After two consultations with other companies we turned to Intown to help diagnose the issue. I highly recommend Robert H. He was excellent. Very professional, up front and honest. But most importantly he spent the extra time to investigate more than the previous two companies. And to our surprise that’s exactly what was needed to find our issue. We were facing a large project based on the advice of the other two companies. But with Roberts extra attention we were able to avoid all of it. I can’t say enough positive things about Robert. We appreciate your service!
Steven T.
This is the 2nd time I called and used Intown Plumbing. Both times they came within 2 hours of my initial call. They are affordable and very professional. I couldn’t ask for better.
Kristy T
This was the second company that came out to address a complicated issue, and got the job done.
adolfo R.
Amazing experience with InTown Plumbing! The owners are truly care about their customers and the quality of work being preformed. They were very responsive and willing to work with our schedule. The technicians were knowledgeable, timely and cleanly. Highly recommend Intown!
Dawn B.
The Sewell Cadillac of plumbing. From scheduling, showing up on time and billing...impeccable service.
Bettye B.
Very professional and experienced team of plumbers.
Jose J.
Fair, friendly and honest. Been using Michael, Harley and team Intown for years on rental property. I just wished they were near enough to help me at home too LOL.I highly recommended IN TOWN Plumbing!Robert
R*obert J.

Residential & Commercial Plumber in Rockwall

At Intown Plumbing, we stand by our promise of reliability for every Rockwall home and business. From routine plumbing and repair services to all-encompassing solutions for new constructions and meticulous sewer cleaning, our Rockwall experts have you covered. No task is too complex or minor – we’re here to tackle your plumbing challenges, including leaky faucets, waste disposal systems, tubs, sinks, or basement plumbing conundrums.

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Image of Expert Plumbers - Intown Plumbing Specializes in Residential and Commercial Plumbing Services in the Rockwall Area
Quality Work

Master Plumbing Services in Rockwall, TX

At Intown Plumbing, your trusted local plumber, we promise reliability for every Rockwall home and business. From routine plumbing and repair services to all-encompassing solutions for new constructions and meticulous sewer cleaning, our Rockwall experts have you covered. No task is too complex or minor – we’re here to tackle your plumbing challenges, including leaky faucets, waste disposal systems, tubs, sinks, or basement plumbing problems, with the dedication only a local team can provide.

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Rockwall's Go-To Plumber for Remodeling Projects

Starting a new remodeling venture in Rockwall? Our team of local, licensed plumbers is equipped with the right blend of tools and expertise to ensure your project is completed flawlessly, no matter the size. Avoid the stress and choose Intown Plumbing to make your renovation process smooth. Dreaming of transforming your bathroom into a modern retreat? Our Rockwall specialists are here to provide a seamless remodeling experience, ensuring your vision becomes a reality with precision and care.

Image of an Room with Plumbing Work - Intown Plumbing Offers Expert Services for Residential and Commercial Projects, Including Bathroom Remodeling
New Construction Plumbing Project - Intown Plumbing Offers Competitive Pricing and Expert Services for Residential and Commercial Contractors in the Dallas Area
Residential & Commercial

Expert Rockwall Plumber for New Construction Projects

Intown Plumbing, Rockwall and the Dallas Metro’s go-to local and licensed plumbers for new construction, offers competitive pricing backed by vast industry knowledge, ensuring you’re in safe, reliable hands. As your local licensed plumber, we engage closely with contractors to provide accurate estimates, highlighting our commitment to value and transparency in every project. Partner with us to achieve plumbing excellence in your new builds, where our expertise meets your vision for quality and efficiency.

Insights & Updates from Your Rockwall Plumber

From cutting-edge plumbing advancements to enduring maintenance advice, our blog is Rockwall’s top resource, curated by skilled local plumbers. Stay updated and capable with our specialized guidance, perfectly suited for our community. Discover our latest entries to maintain your plumbing at its best.

Rockwall Water Purity Experts

Comprehensive Water Testing Services

Understanding your home's water quality is crucial. That's why our Rockwall-based water testing goes beyond just identifying issues — it's about ensuring your water is safe from contamination. Our detailed analysis equips you with the insights to tackle water quality concerns. Trust Intown Plumbing to guide you to the ideal water treatment solutions tailored to your home's needs.

Intown Plumbing Rockwall FAQs

Yes, ensuring your plumber is licensed guarantees they’ve met industry standards for education and experience, providing quality workmanship in repairs and installations. Our team includes licensed and insured plumbers to handle all plumbing issues professionally.
Situations like a flooded bathroom, a severely clogged drain, or no hot water require immediate attention. Our response time is quick, especially for urgent needs to prevent further damage.
From a leaking shower to a malfunctioning kitchen sink, our licensed plumbers, are skilled in a wide range of repairs, ensuring your plumbing system operates smoothly.
Costs vary based on the job’s complexity, from toilet repairs to kitchen plumbing. Contact us for a detailed estimate.
Yes, we specialize in new installations for bathrooms, kitchens, and even main lines in your front yard. Quality workmanship and reliable materials guarantee a lasting solution.
A running toilet can waste a lot of water. Our local plumbers can quickly fix or replace the necessary components, solving the issue efficiently.
Regular maintenance and avoiding flushing down large, non-disposable items can prevent clogs. If you encounter a clogged drain, our team is ready to clear it with minimal disruption.

Rockwall Plumber: Comprehensive Services for Homes & Businesses

Choose Intown Plumbing, Rockwall’s plumbing expert. We offer unmatched local expertise. We also have comprehensive services for both residential and commercial needs. Our team specializes in a full spectrum of plumbing solutions. This includes eco-friendly drain cleaning. We also do advanced water heater installations and efficient slab leak detections. 

We pride ourselves on delivering excellence in every repair and connection. We ensure your plumbing systems operate flawlessly. This includes kitchen upgrades, leak fixes, and also heating system installations. Intown Plumbing is committed to quality and precision. We are the trusted ally for Rockwall homeowners and businesses. We ensure every plumbing challenge is met with custom solutions that keep life flowing smoothly. Quality at Intown Plumbing isn’t just a promise—it’s our proven practice.

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