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There are many reasons why a homeowner or business owner decides to install new plumbing in their house or commercial property. Building a new home, office, or warehouse from the ground up requires extensive plumbing planning and expert implementation. Professional plumbing services are an essential factor for a successful project. It’s also important to upgrade your pipes if you are installing new plumbing appliances or building an addition to your residential property.

Plumbing construction is a big piece of the puzzle in a new construction. Are you in the process of planning your new build or preparing for a future construction project? When do plumbing contractors for new construction plumbing come into play? Read on to learn more about what to expect from this portion of the plumbing construction process.   

What is the Installation Process?

Every home or business that has plumbing in it, has had construction take place in which all new plumbing systems were initially installed. So, what are some of the main components to a plumbing system that new construction plumbers must install when a structure is first being built? Let’s look at each of these facets of plumbing services that work together to create a functioning plumbing system.

What is Installed?


Water supply pipes are one main component. These are pipes specifically designed to carry fresh potable water into the structure from an outside water source. Drain pipes, serving as another critical component because these pipes carry away wastewater to an outside destination.


Vents are an important component of most plumbing systems because these pipes connect to the building’s drain pipes, provide ventilation, and assist in cleaning so the drain pipes can operate correctly.


After piping is placed, there needs to be a free access point installed to acquire the water. Fixtures such as sinks, tubs, and drains need to be put in place.

Water Heater

New construction plumbing companies install new water heaters to the water supply pipe system so there is fresh hot water at fixtures such as sinks and showers.

Shut Off Valves

All toilets, sinks, and showers on your property are accompanied by a shut-off valve. This equipment helps gauge water pressure, stop emergencies like water leaks, and enables easy replacement of plumbing fixtures when necessary. Shut-off valves can also be turned off when people leave their property for a long period of time and won’t be using any water. In general, they are a vital component to your plumbing system, and therefore to any related construction concerns.

Phases of Installation: New Construction Plumbing in Rockwall, TX

When embarking on a new construction project, it’s crucial to have a reliable and experienced new construction plumber to install plumbing systems. Professional services ensure that all phases of the plumbing installation are done correctly and efficiently, providing a seamless and problem-free experience for the property owner. In the following sections, we will delve into the critical installation phases.

Underground Rough in Phase

Before the whole home’s plumbing system goes into place in a new construction project, the initial feed lines that connect the home to the rest of the utility system need installation. This roughing-in process ensures that the home or commercial property has water and gas supply pipes going to it and sewer service leading away from it, as well as facilitating proper cleaning and maintenance of the plumbing system.

Aboveground Rough in Phase

For new construction plumbing during the aboveground rough-in phase, a plumber for new construction:

  • Cuts holes in the walls, ceiling, or floor to attach or hang pipes for connection to fixtures
  • Installs the pipe for the building’s various supply and waste system
  • Uses welding tools, soldering equipment to join pipe runs, or special chemicals for plastic pipes
  • Installs all your gas lines  


In the finishing phase, fixtures such as sinks, showers, toilets, and appliances such as dishwashers, water purification systems, and water heaters are installed. Additionally, replacement of any worn-out or damaged parts is carried out, along with hooking up fireplaces and other gas appliances.

How Much Does a New Plumbing System Cost?

Overall, the price of installing a plumbing system is dependent on four major factors. The size of your property, the number of fixtures you need, the materials you use, and the labor involved all determine the cost.

The Importance of Good Plumbing

When you’re building from scratch or just adding to your existing property, you want to save money. While there are plenty of places where you can cut costs, your plumbing system should not be one of them. The plumbing system will be handling all your drinking, cooking, and bathing water as well as any wastewater, including the efficient operation of your water heater. Skimping here can result in poor water pressure, sewage problems, and expensive leaks. By installing a good system during construction, you will avoid plumbing problems years down the road. An efficient modern plumbing system will also help you save money during the next few decades that your system should last.

Get a Professional Estimate

While the price of materials can be roughly estimated, labor costs are a different story. Every company has different rates and prices for their plumbing services. Intown Plumbing can offer you affordable deals on the pipes, fixtures, and services you need to ensure a top-quality plumbing system for your new construction project.

New Plumbing Installation for Every Construction Project

We offer specialized service that covers a diverse list of construction project types. We can install plumbing in new homes that will make them move-in ready. Our team is also skilled in commercial plumbing. We can install and repair grease traps and do toilet repairs, faucets or any other maintenance project for your restaurant. We solve problems and provide top-notch service using quality parts and materials. We will ensure that your commercial business or residential repair get a plumber that will meet your requirements every time you hire us.

Trust your new construction plumbing installation to our team of experts. If you’re building a new house, an addition, or upgrading your plumbing appliances, we can help. Whether commercial plumbing or residential, we are the best in the industry.

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