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Bonton Farms

Bonton Farms is redefining the South Dallas neighborhood of Bonton. Their mission is to transform lives by laying a foundation that is impacting a more healthy vibrant community. Bonton Farms works to bring fresh healthy foods to the residents, create meaningful jobs within the community and ignite hope and opportunities for a healthier and flourishing neighborhood.

Part of this endeavor is providing nutrition programs that offer residents:

  • Nutritional counseling
  • Cooking classes
  • General health and wellness guidance

How We Partner

Intown Plumbing partnered with Bonton Farms to support their mission. Working together to replace poverty with essential life tools and to be able to watch these communities thrive.

Rockwall Helping Hands

Helping Hands of Rockwall County strives to make certain that county residents do not go to bed hungry, without a roof over their head, or are deprived of needed medical care. Helping hands provides those in need of assistance with utilities, shelter, food, clothes, furniture, and household items. They offer a health center for those without insurance, and a food pantry for families needing emergency food assistance. The Thrift Store and Boutique of Helping Hands generates income that helps support operating costs of Helping Hands.

How We Partner

Intown Plumbing is proud to be a partner with Helping Hands of Rockwall County and join them in their commitment of providing sufficient resources to make a significant difference for families in Rockwall County.

United Way Dallas

Dallas United Way works to develop, support and invest in the most impactful strategies and partnerships to strengthen education, income and health in the community. They provide programs enriched with opportunities. Their focus is on:

Education – Providing building blocks to kids that will give a strong start to successful pathways from high school to college and finally a career
Income – Financial stability is one of the key ingredients to building opportunity. The programs focus on helping the community get and keep better jobs, establish savings and hold on to more of what they earn.
Health – lead and invest in programs that teach and promote healthy living, prevent family violence and provide healthcare to those who need it most.

How We Partner

Through a partnership with Dallas United Way, Intown Plumbing commits to lasting change, working with dedicated change-seekers to improve access to education, income and health so all our neighbors have the opportunity to thrive.

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