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Prevention & Safety

Protect Your Home From Unexpected Problems

The popular saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is a motto we at Intown Plumbing live by. There are many precautions that can be taken to avoid lasting effects and headaches. Intown Plumbing offers reliable water leak, carbon monoxide, and gas leak detectors to ensure safety and prevent unwanted hazards. We care for your family’s health and safety as well as saving you money on costly repairs. 

A dedicated and skilled staff member ready to assist with prevention and safety measures for your home, ensuring a secure and hazard-free living environment

Water Leak Detectors

Appliances or fixtures have the potential to develop blockages or spring leaks that can lead to serious flooding, if left unchecked. These electronic leak detectors are designed specifically to alert you in case of a plumbing leak. As the name suggests, a leak detection system monitors your water pipes for any leaks. More defined, a leak detection system monitors the flow of water through a pipeline. When flow is irregular or moisture is detected, the leak detector system closes a valve that cuts off the water flow to the entire household.

Carbon Monoxide & Gas Leak Detectors

When it comes to protecting the health and life of your family members, a carbon monoxide alarm detector plays a vital role in stopping family members from potentially dying from carbon monoxide poisoning. These carbon monoxide detection devices can detect the silent killer and sound an alarm if any presence of CO is detected in the same way that a smoke detector will sound an alarm when smoke is detected.