Intown Plumbing is proudly partnering with United Way for their annual United Way School Supply Drive. 

About the United Way School Supply Drive

United Way believes that all students in our community deserve to have the school supplies they need to feel confident and be successful.

Every year, the United Way School Supply Drive provides backpacks filled with school supplies to students in need, grades K-12.

United Way of Metropolitan Dallas understands that education opens doors, broadens horizons and sets kids up for success. As the upcoming school year draws upon us, local districts are preparing to equip all students with supplies to continue to provide them with the proper tools they need to succeed and meet education goals.

Intown Plumbing Stepping Up for our Community

Intown Plumbing partnering with United Way Metropolitan Dallas‘ work touches on all phases of a student’s educational journey, and strongly believes every child deserves their best foot forward, and are there to help.

Intown Plumbing is matching 100% of their employees donations and contributing through United Way’s Amazon Wishlist.

If you are interested in learning more about United Way Metropolitan Dallas’ school supply drive, you can join in through the link below:

Why It’s Important

Intown Plumbing believes education is the key to unlocking a student’s potential and achieving success. The cost of buying school supplies can be a significant burden for local families, especially as they struggle with inflation and increased cost of living. 

Intown Plumbing is excited to be a part of a network of nonprofits, school districts, area businesses and civic groups to ensure every student is equipped to start the year ready to learn!