Many new and exciting things are happening at Intown Plumbing, starting with a “face lift” on our logo! We would like to thank John Luke Studio for their creative work–so much that we would like to recognize the inspiration behind their profession. I asked John Luke Laube about his approach on branding and design.

When visiting a company’s website or social page, the visuals of it can often be admired but overlooked. Until now I, myself, may never view a website or social page again without appreciating the careful work behind it. When I asked John Luke about what inspires him as a designer, I was (in no other words) wowed and felt the passion in his response.

“Branding is the essence of how we remember cultures, organizations, and events. A strong brand possesses the ability to captivate hearts, influence minds, and shape the very core of culture. The logo serves as the foundation for how a brand is etched in our memory.”

John Luke Laube

Before you become familiar with a brand–understanding the identity and personality of a company’s reputation–you immediately seek relatedness with the company’s logo. Think about it. Whether you are searching the web or online shopping, you click on a link because you feel it is relative to your style.

Whether a sizable company or small business, every owner establishes a pride and connection to their brand. The colors scheme, the typography, the imagery–they are all components to specially represent the essence of a company. “A well-crafted logo should be instantly recognizable from memory. A remarkable brand establishes an emotional connection with customers by resonating with their values.”

The world of graphic design is significantly diverse. There were once limited mediums to use in art, but a good artist knows that creativity ceases to end. An artist is always looking for new ways to create. Imagine thousands and thousands of minds in the digital world with endless talent and still seeking for a new way to design. Does a good artist stick to what is familiar or traditional or modern and fresh?

John Luke had this to say about Intown Plumbing’s logo refresh, “…we remained true to its branding roots while giving it a modern touch by simplifying the skyline and incorporating a water drop. This minimalist redesign reduces visual noise, ensuring easy recall for customers in the future.”

John Luke Studio has had the honor of designing logos for reputable brands including the American Cancer Society and McCafe. Recently, they have also created the identity system of JLL Real Estate’s Global Campaign. John Luke embarked his career in logo design at the young age of 16, now excelling in animation, storytelling, photography, brand strategy, and illustration.

We are grateful to John Luke Studio for our refreshed logo. We appreciate the careful time and consideration of the designers for capturing the values that Intown Plumbing holds so dearly.

“Intown Plumbing, as a family-owned and fun company, stands out from the typical corporate landscape. This revamped logo not only modernizes the brand but also adds a warm and human touch to its overall look and feel.”

John Luke Laube