Have you been feeling the absence of confidence in the appearance of your skin? Does your skin lack a certain glow and elasticity that you have once experienced in your younger days? Ladies, be honest. If we can stall the effects of aging in a fine attempt to keep that baby smooth complexion (or get it back), we are going to try it! However, before you spend another buck on the next trending beauty product, you might consider trying this helpful solution.

Let’s Get Skin Deep

Did you know that your skin is the largest organ of your body? Externally, our skin is visually unlike the many odd structures inside of our bodies, but internally our skin is just as complex. It is also considered one of the most complicated organs to maintain with over 3,000 possible disorders and diagnoses. One of the most important features of the skin is the superficial layer called the stratum corneum or “natural barrier”.

So, what is a natural barrier, what is its function, and what does it have to do with the health of my skin? Well, without the Latin and medical terminology lesson, it is basically a protective layer of the skin that retains and transports water and nutrients essential for a radiant complexion.

The science is simple enough to understand. If your skin’s natural barrier is healthy and chemically balanced, your skin will certainly show off for you. If your skin’s barrier is unhealthy and chemically imbalanced, you are likely to experience the opposite–dull and uneven skin, acne, dermatitis and more. While there are numerous biological and environmental factors that might contribute to your skin’s condition, there is one household item that could be doing your skin more harm than good, and you are using it daily.

Hard Water Woes

Hard water–you know it is likely in your home, but what is it exactly and why does it affect your skin? Hard water contains a high content of minerals and could be moderately healthy for your being, but if you are experiencing trouble with your skin, hear this.

Long story short, I had (have) developed eczema (atopic dermatitis) as an adult and could not fathom how such a miserable condition should suddenly occur. I had had the gut instinct that the water in which I would bathe had something to do with the problem, but it was not until years later that I would determine if my instincts were correct by purchasing a filtration system for my shower.

It has been the best decision that I have made in 2023! Not only has my eczema cleared, but my complexion glows! My acne has cleared, my hair feels softer. It can help you too! Having a filtration system can also reduce rashes, psoriasis, and dandruff, as well as prevent the effects of aging.

Softening the Blow: How Filtering Hard Water Can Benefit Your Skin

Remove Chlorines for Younger Skin

A good filtration system will eliminate the unwanted elements hiding in your home’s water due to treatment by your public water supplier. You may already know that hard water contains chlorines which is understandably a red flag if you care about your skin. Chlorines can strip your skin of natural oils that your skin needs to remain plump and hydrated. Eliminating chlorine can also reduce fine lines and wrinkles, giving you a younger appearance. Considering having a water softener or conditioning system installed in your home.

Don’t Give Damage the Chance

Even after your home’s water has made it through disinfecting, bacterias and pollutants can still find their way into your home’s plumbing, causing disturbances to your skin’s protective barrier. Acne comes in many forms which can also lead to scarring and uneven skin tone. So say goodbye to clogged pores and say hello to a new filtration system!

Soothe and “Soften” Itchy Skin

Dry, cracked skin can become irritated and inflamed. Redness, patchiness, and itching can be just as deteriorating to your confidence as any problematic condition. If you have heard of “soft water”, having a filter for your water will operate in likeness. By eliminating excess amounts of minerals in your home’s water, your skin can become more hydrated, seemingly becoming softer and healthier.